Schedule of Events



A LOOK AT WHAT WE DID IN 2019 Hillcrest Golf and Country Club

Schedule of Events
Hillcrest has events for all playing abilities.  Please enjoy our weekly events, monthly events, and annual club tournaments.  Sign up for all events by calling the Professional Shop or in person by placing your name on the sign up sheets in the golf event hallway.  Please contact our PGA Director of Golf & Social, Amber Pasel, for additional information on the schedule of events.

17– Golf Season KickOff Party (5PM)

3- Opening League Night/ 19Shootout Qualifying Begins (5PM)
7- Hillcrest Opening Day/ Hole in One club Begins (9PM)
9- Masters Par 3 (All Day)
15- Green Aerification (All Day)
16- Green Aerification  (All Day)
25- April Guest Day (All Day)                                                                                                                      25- Hillcrest Demo Day- Taylor Made, Callaway & PXG (2PM-7PM)
26- Grand Oak vs. Hillcrest Challenge @ Hillcrest (12PM)
30- Ladies’ Association Opening Day (12PM)
30- Hillcrest Demo Day- Titleist Fitting Day (3pm-7PM)
Masters April 11-14

1- Old Buddy/Year Long Match Play Begin (All Day)
4- BHS High School Invitational (10AM)
5- Tough Man Shootout (2PM)
10- May Couples Scramble (5:30PM)
16- Batesville Chamber Golf Outing (12PM)
17- Hillcrest Cup Practice Round Tournament (12:30PM)
18– Hillcrest Cup Round 1,2,3 (Top 28 Males from 2018) (8AM)
19– Hillcrest Cup – Single Matches (8AM)
23- 9 Hole Mixed Scramble (5:30PM)
27- Memorial Day Member-Member (All Day)
30- May Guest Day (All Day)
PGA Championship May 16-19

4– Week 10 League (Tuesday) (5:30PM)
6– Men’s Invitational Practice Round (All Day)
7– Men’s Invitational Round 1,2,3 (All Day)
8– Men’s Invitational Round 4,5  (All Day)
13- 9 Hole Mixed Scramble (5:30PM)
16- Family Day (All Day)
17- Oldenburg Pro-Am (12PM)
20- Ladies’ Invitational (9AM)
21- Giving Hearts a Hand Outing (1PM)
27- June Guest Day (All Day)
28- June Couples Scramble (5:30PM)
U.S. Open June 13-16

4– Independence Day Member Member (All Day)
11- IGA-PGA Junior Golf Event-Front Nine ONLY (TBD)
12- July Couples Scramble (5:30PM)
13- Stroke Play Championship Round 1 (All Day)
14- Stroke Play Championship Round 2 (8:00AM)
18- 9 Hole Mixed Scramble (All Day)
25- July Guest Day (All Day)
26- BHS Bulldog Open Golf Outing (11AM)
27- Hillcrest Calcutta Practice Round (All Day)
28- Hillcrest Calcutta (10AM)                                                                                                                          The Open Championship July 18-21

2- Ripley Chamber Golf Outing (12PM)
3- Third Annual Mixed Shootout (2PM)
8- Margaret Mary Heath Golf Outing (12PM)
9- August Couples Scramble (5:30PM)
11- Hillcrest 19 Shootout (2PM)
15- 9 Hole Mixed Scramble (5:30PM)
17- Special Olympics Event- Front Nine ONLY (TBD)
24- Member-Member Championship (All Day)
25- Member-Member Championship (8:30AM)
29- August Guest Day (All Day)
30- Hillcrest Annual Pro-Member (12PM)

1– Club Championship Match Play Begins (All Day)
2- Labor Day Member-Member (All Day)
4- Playoffs for League Begin (5PM)
13- September Couples Scramble (5:30PM)
15- Nine Hole Greens Keeper Revenge Scramble (3PM)
24- Ladies Association Closing Day (12PM)
25- Playoff League Finals (5PM)
26- September Guest Day (All Day)
27- Grand Oak vs Hillcrest Challenge Away @ Grand Oak (12PM)
29- Hillcrest Match Play Championship (9AM)

6– Hillcrest Men’s Closing Day (9AM)
7-9 –Green Aerification (Course Closed All Day)

17- End of the Year Banquet (6PM)
29– The Fall Classic Scramble (12PM)

Weekly Events

Tuesday Ladies Association (18 Holes)

May 7th – September 17th

Join our Ladies Association for a small fee and have access to many benefits.  Each week there will be a different format where you can meet new friends and reacquaint with old friends. The participants will be paired up weekly by the Professional’s Shop and play 18 holes. Starting time is 9AM weekly besides opening and closing days (Noon). Sign up by the ladies sign up board or call the Professional’s Shop weekly.  A few Lady Association events are open to non-Ladies Association members such as, Opening Day, Summer Scramble, Crystal Bowl, Ladies Invitational, and Closing Day.

Wednesday Night Golf League (9 Holes)

April 3rd – September 25th

Every Wednesday, starting April 3rd, the weekly league night will take place at 5PM April and September and 5:30PM May through August.  The men and ladies will rotate between the front and back nine holes.  Each week both leagues will play a different format.  Players of all skill levels are welcome to sign up.  Sign up individually or with your team by calling the Professional’s Shop.  League sign ups will be completed by March 15th.  Schedule & formats will be available by April 1st.

Thursday Morning Choose Up (9 Holes)

April 4th – October 3rd

Every Thursday morning at 9AM there will be a ladies choose up and at 10AM, a  men’s choose up; consisting of 9 holes of golf. Teams will be paired by the professional staff. All participants must be signed up ½ hour before the first starting time.  Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in this weekly fun event.

Friday Youth Play Days (9 Holes)

June 14th – August 2nd

During the summer at 9AM every Friday, Hillcrest will host a youth play day. Youth members must be between the ages of 8 and 18 and must be able to play 9 holes walking in less than three hours.  Youth will be required to carry or push their clubs, but may bring a caddie if needed.  Youth may bring up to two guests on these days for a small fee.  A member of our staff will oversee the play days.

Weekend Ham & Egg Group (18 Holes)

April 4th – October 3rd

Every Saturday and Sunday morning join us for a competitive morning round at 8AM.  For the months of April, September, and October the Ham and Egg Group will start at 9AM.  Teams will be paired by the professional staff.  All participants must be signed up ½ hour before the first starting time. Each week there will be a $20 entry fee, which will go toward weekly winners.  Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in this weekly fun event.  Sunday will be a choose-up format and ran by the day participants.

Monthly Events

Thursday Hillcrest Guest Days
April 25th, May 30th, June 27th, July 25th, August 29th, September 26th

Guest day will be held all day, members may make their own tee times and bring up to (8) guests per member.  Your guests will enjoy no green fees, only cart fees will apply.  On- Course games will make the day a lot of fun!

Mixed Fun Scrambles (9 Holes)
May 23rd, June 13th, July 18th, August 15th, September 27th

Join us for a fun 9 hole scramble, please sign up (1) day before the event to join the fun.  The Professional staff will make the groups and facilitate the event.  Thursday events will be a 5:30PM shotgun and Sunday events will be a 2PM shotgun.

Friday Couples Night Out (9 Holes)
May 25th, June 29th, July 13th, August 24th, September 14th

Once a month on Fridays at 5PM or 5:30PM, join us to celebrate the week with a fun golf format as you pair up to play with  different couples.  Sign up (1) day in advance on the event and the Professional staff will make the pairings for a wonderful, fun-filled night.  Join us after the golf for dinner!

Year Long Events

Year Long Match Play

May 1st – September 15th
Over the course of the season 18 hole individual matches will be played in a head to head match play format. This event is open to men of all skill levels. Each participant will use his handicap as of April 15th for each match. Timelines of when matches must be completed will be given for each round.  Members must sign up to participate by contacting the Professional Staff by April 15th.

Old Buddy Match Play

May 1st – September 15th
This team event runs through the course of the season.  Players may pick their own partner and play as two man teams.  Each player will receive 80% of their handicap for the April 15th revision and this handicap will be the handicap for the entire match play event.  Timelines of when the 18 hole matches must be completed will be given for each round.  Members must sign up to participate by contacting the Professional Staff by April 15th.

Hole in One Club

Each premier member will be in the Hole- In-One Club unless they notify the Professional Shop they do not want to participate.  The Hole-In-One Club season starts April 7th and runs through October 6th 2019.  Any member that makes a Hole-In- Ones during a 9 or 18 hole round of golf played with at least 1 other person will be recognized with credit to the Professional Shop and receive a monetary award.