Hole 9

hole9HOLE 9 ยท PAR 4

Hole nine is easily the toughest hole on the front side as it was ranked as one of the toughest number nine holes in the state of Indiana, a beautiful golf hole to say the least. The tee shot requires accuracy and length. The hole measures 413 yards from the blue tees, 400 from the white tees, 365 from the gold tees and 285 yards from the red tees. The left side of the fairway is outlined with trees and not to far past that you’ll find Old Soldier’s creek, which often collects many bad tees shots. There is also no room to bail out to the right as you’ll be left with at least 170+ yards through trees to get on the green from there. For a perfectly placed drive in the fairway there is still work to be done. The creek continues to run down the left side of the fairway and eventually cuts in front of the green guarding it from any poor approach shots. Once you’ve found the green you still have no time to relax. The green has many slopes and breaks that make a three putt almost seem natural.

If you happen to hit into the water in front of the green you’ll have to walk across our replica of the famed bridge on the 18th hole of St. Andrews. We’ve built this in memory of our beloved John Moorman, who spent 20 years of his life perfecting the golf course as our superintendent.

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