Hole 7

hole7HOLE 7 ยท PAR 5

This is the first of the three par fives at Hillcrest. All three holes require three well placed shots to even have a chance at birdie. You have to be very daring and very long to even think about going for any of them in two. A creek runs along the left side of the fairway and then turns to cross the fairway. From the blue tees it is 256 yards to the edge of the creek and 233 yards from the white tees. The creek is about 20 feet across so rarely does a ball bounce over. A lay up shot is usually the best way to go to give a nice chance to put you second shot in position to hit your all important shot into the green. On your second shot you must keep it in the fairway. With trees on the right and three big nasty sand bunkers down the left, a well placed shot is a must. Depending on your play, you will have 100-130 yard shot into a big green of 132 feet in length. Sand bunkers protect both sides with out of bounds to the left and behind the green. The green has a severe slope from the middle to the front so be sure to stay below the hole. If the flagstick is back, be sure to know your yardage and get it back there. Both severe and subtle breaks in the green await you and your putter. The hole ranges from 543 yards form the blue tees and 475 yards from the red tees but plays longer than that do to the trouble. When you walk off this hole with a par, you have earned it.

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