Hole 5

hole5HOLE 5 · PAR 4

The fifth hole is the second shortest par four on the course measuring 333 yards from the blue tees, 323 yards from the white tees, 310 from the gold tees and 290 from the red tees. There are many ways to go about playing this hole, for the long hitters a good drive will carry you over the large grass bunker guarding the middle of the hole. Any shot over this bunker will leave you no more than a 50 yard chip shot into the green. Those choosing to hit iron off the tee will leave themselves around 130 yards into the green from the fairway. Be careful not to hit it to far left off the tee, there are strategically placed ornamental grasses waiting for your ball. To the right of the fairway you’ll find very large grass bunker that will leave you with a blind shot anywhere from 100 yards to 135 yards into the green.

From the fairway the only trouble around the green is a large sand bunker that guards the entire front of the green. You will also find out of bounds surrounding the left and right of the green as well as behind the green.


The fence line behind the green on Hole 5 has been completely revamped.  12 Arborvitaes and 4 Norway Spruces were planted. The Emerald Green Giant Arborvitaes grow 2′ to 3′ two to three feet per year.

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