Hole 4

hole4HOLE 4 ยท PAR 3

On the scorecard this hole is ranked the easiest on the course, but don’t let your guard down or you’ll make a quick bogey or worse. The hole is 172 yards from the blue tees, 150 yards from the white tees, 130 yards from the gold tees and 120 yards from the red tees.

From the tee there isn’t much trouble in sight and it takes a bad swing to put it in the creek on the right side. A lonely pot bunker guards the right side of the green and one sand bunker behind the left side of the green. These two bunkers provide the only real trouble on this par three. The trouble here is hitting the green which measures 54 feet in length and 120 feet in width. Once you reach the green you’ll find the green is relatively flat and you should have a pretty easy putt if you’re within 20 feet of the hole. If you miss the green on the wrong side you could be faced with a chip of over 100 feet, which takes a good short game to get up and down from there.

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