Hole 3

hole3HOLE 3 ยท PAR 4

The third hole is tight off the tee and requires a lot of people to hit a long iron or fairway metal rather than a driver. An iron off the tee puts you in pretty good position looking at a downhill shot into the green from around 150 yards. Another good reason to pick iron off the tee is out of bounds to the left and trees to the right. The hole measures 375 yards from the blue tees, 360 yards from the white tees, 315 yards from the gold tees and 232 from the red tees. You can see accuracy is more important than distance on this hole.

When playing from the short grass a green in regulation on this hole is fairly easy, but once you get to the green in two you’ll find a challenging putt awaiting with any hole position. With an errant approach shot to the right you’ll need a ball retriever and to the left is out of bounds. The left side of the green is protected by a tree and sand bunker while the right side is protected by a wall of landscaping timbers and a grass bunker. Hole positions in the center of the green are easy to get close but don’t fly it over or another sand bunker will await you. The green measures 84 feet in length and 90 feet in width with slopes that won’t allow for a straight putt. Be careful or a three putt will come easily.

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