Hole 2

hole2HOLE 2 ยท PAR 3

When looking through the scorecard you’ll find the second hole is the 16th handicapped hole, but for anyone who’s ever played the course they’ll tell you par is a very good score on this short hole. Depending on the hole position the yardage could be increased or decreased by approximately 40 yards. The green spans 150 feet in length and 30 feet in width with three different tiers. When the flag stick is located in the lower middle tier the hole measures 156 yards from the blue tees, 130 yards from the white tees, 120 yards from the gold tees and 113 yards from the red tees.

The key to making a good score on this hole is a very accurate tee shot. If you miss the green in the right spot a par is still within reach although a good chip and putt is necessary. However, if you miss the green on the wrong side you’re looking at no better than four and maybe even a double or triple bogey. The right side of the green is protected with sand bunkers that slope down to the left. Stopping the ball on the green out of any of these bunkers requires an excellent shot. Do to the different tiers your ball often tends to roll off the level for which you intended. However, when you make it to correct tier you’re left with a good chance to make the putt.

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