Hole 17

hole17HOLE 17 ยท PAR 5

This par five hole is ranked the #1 handicap hole on the golf course because it earned it. The stroke average on this hole is 8.7. That is three and three-quarter strokes over par on one hole. Measuring 546 yards from the blue tees, 514 yards from the white tees, 475 yards from the gold tees and 422 yards from the red tees doesn’t sound that difficult, does it? The tee shot must be hit straight. A very close out of bounds all the way down the left side makes you want to favor the right, but you can’t. The creek runs down the right side on your tee shot and if that isn’t bad enough, it then runs down the middle of the fairway for the rest of the hole before branching out to protect the entire front of the green. You may actually cross the creek three times while playing the hole and still make a par. Most players will cross over the creek to the right fairway on the second shot with it being a bit more forgiving. Whichever side you end up on, the shot into this three tiered green must be hit with confidence. Many players relax just a bit too much when they have successfully reached the 100 yard maker and pay the price. Not until the ball is holed out should you think about relaxing. Putting on this green is the easiest-tough part about this hole. Be sure of your speed and putting line or you’ll putt too many times.

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