Hole 16

hole16HOLE 16 ยท PAR 4

Absolutely one of the toughest tee shots you will ever be faced with on any golf course. A large pond down the entire left side of the fairway, creek down the entire right side and a fairway that looks smaller than it really is faces you as you stand on the tee. A club that will carry you to between 110 and 140 yards from the green is the one to hit. The elevated tee shot from the blue/white tees plays at 362 yards requires steady hands and knees as you swing. Once off the tee, you must again cross the creek for your approach shot into this 120 foot long green. Large trees protect the left side and bunkers protect the right on shots into the green. The green has a large swale in the middle of the green that will move the ball to the left. Hit the right club into the green or you will have a very difficult time walking off with a two putt. A par on this hole is a very good score but don’t beat yourself up too bad because you are getting ready to play one heck of a hole.

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