Hole 14

hole14HOLE 14 ยท PAR 4

This is a lay up hole for all golfers. Depending on what tees you’re playing will determine what club you will be using. The hole doglegs to the left and has two ponds, which you can’t see from the tee, to await and challenge your second shot. A good tee shot must favor the right side of the fairway and be just inside the 150 yard marker. Waters’ edge is 130 yards from the green but the last ten yards is all downhill to the water, so don’t be too aggressive off the tee. There is a large tree which protects the left side of the fairway that you can’t see from the tee because of all the other trees. The second shot needs to be a well struck shot over two ponds to a rolling green between two bunkers. However, there is room to bail out right and over isn’t too bad because of the high banks behind the green. Just be sure to stay out of the ornamental grasses on the banks. The green isn’t as difficult as most, but does have one big ridge in the back middle of the green. When flagstick is back left you must be left of the ridge to have any chance at all.

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