Hole 13

hole13HOLE 13 ยท PAR 5

With this hole you are getting ready to play five of the prettiest and at the same time toughest holes in a row that you will ever play. Every aspect of the game of golf will be challenged in this stretch of golf. Your skills as a golfer and your thought process as a human being will be tested. You need to play these holes one shot at a time and remember it is just a game. A game we love to play.

Now for the number three ranked hole on the course, but often the par five remembered most. Playing 539 yards from the blue tees, 516 yards from the white tees, 495 yards from the gold tees and 386 from the red tees this hole has several steep elevation changes. This is probably one of the tightest driving holes on the course with both left and right sides falling off at the landing area into thick rough. Out of bounds on the left and lateral water hazard on the right run the entire length of the hole. After a well placed drive you now have to decide on what to do. Do you hit a club long enough to get all the way to the bottom of the next valley and have a 40 – 60 yard shot straight uphill or do you lay up on the shelf and leave yourself 135 – 155 yards into the two tiered green. Be sure of the flag stick location and check the wind before doing either. Usually playing down the right side will open the green up better to receive either shot. Green slopes from left to right enough to affect all shots into the green. Remember this when putting also and you may be successful.

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