Hole 1

hole1HOLE 1 · PAR 4

This can be a very difficult starting hole especially when the flag stick is located on the upper tier. A demanding first tee shot of the day with trees on both sides and three bunkers protecting the right is required. The shot into the three-green complex must avoid five pot hole bunkers in front, a grass bunker in between and a traditional sand bunker in back.

The complex originates from when Hillcrest was a nine hole facility. We played to one of the greens the first time as a par five and to the other as the hole is played now, a difficult par four. It plays 420 yards from the blue tees, 400 yards from the white tees, 380 yards from the gold tees and 360 yards from the red tees when the flag is located on the upper tier. Once you reach the green, it does get a bit easier for both upper and lower tiers are about the flattest greens on the course.

2020 Improvements

Another great thing is happening on our course. The left side of the collar on the upper green of Hole 1 is being extended to the left and downwards to the lower green’s collar. By doing this, it will balance the left side of the grass bunker to match the right side.

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