Hillcrest Golf Academy

Golf is a challenging sport, let our PGA Professionals help you improve your golf game.   They can help improve your game by choosing from individual lessons, group clinics, or on your own skill improvement.

If you are new to the game or want to take up the sport, please give us a call @ (812) 934-4350.

Individual Golf Lessons

Amber Pasel, PGA – Head Golf Professional
Adults $50 per lesson or a 5 pack for – $200
Juniors (under 16) $30 per lesson or a 5 pack for $120

Austin Wright – 1st Assistant Golf Professional
$40 per lesson or a 5 Pack for- $160
Juniors (under 16) $25 per lesson or a 5 pack for $100

Lesson duration 30 minutes

                                                                         Junior Golf 

2018 Hillcrest GCC Junior Golf Platform

Junior golf at Hillcrest will be split into 4 different categories:

 Beginner– Defined as someone who has never played golf before, who has only been on the practice facilities, does not have any understanding of the rules of golf, or is under 7 years of age.

Intermediate– Defined as someone who has played on the golf course before, but never       from a true tee, has a small understanding of the rules, or is between the ages of 7-12.

Advanced– Defined as someone who has played from a full tee on the golf course and can break 55 consistently for 9 holes and has an average understanding of the rules. Age is not a factor for this category.

Competitive– Defined as someone who can play from any set of tees and break 45 consistently for 9 holes, has an advanced understanding of the rules, and is looking to advance in golf past recreational play. Age is not a factor for this category.

There will be 4 different options for Junior Golfers:

Junior Camp– Dates (July 10th-13th)- Junior Camp is a structured camp with the assistant professional at Hillcrest. This is a 4 day camp, Tuesday-Friday, that will last 2 hours each day. Depending upon participation this may be split into a beginner and an advanced group. Each day will focus on a different part of the game and will be a fun, competitive, very interactive setting. This camp will be made for all 4 categories, but is designed more with categories 1, 2, and 3 in mind.

PGA Junior League (May-August) – PGA Junior League is a more competitive setting. With a weekly practice, and 1 match weekly for the duration of the summer. This league also has an all-star setting that includes competitive matches with other areas in order to play in the PGA Jr. League playoffs. The league consists of playing 9 holes, with a teammate in a scramble format, head to head against other teams in the local area. This would be more designed for all categories, however it is more in line with 2, 3, and 4.

Beat 36–  Beat 36 is a great new innovative way to learn the game. Each week, starting at 25 yards out, we play 9 holes trying break par (36). After each attempt, we will do a clinic style session with the group to work on the parts of the game that you struggle with the most, and talk about how we can lower your score, and the following week we try again to break par. After you have successfully broken par from the designated distance, you move back to 50 yards, then 75, 100, 150, 200, and finally your designated tee-box, until you are playing golf at a high level no matter the distance. This will be for all skill levels, there may be adults in classes also.

Individual lessons– Year Round-Individual lessons are the best way to get on the right track. These are 1-on-1 lessons with 100% of the focus on the student and what the student wants to improve on; Lessons last a half hour and are designed for all skill levels.

2018 Junior Golf Camp Flyer


Group Clinics 

April 10th (Tuesday) 5:30-6:30PM
Short Game Clinic- Mixed Gender
Topic: Improving the Short Game- Knock the rust off the chipping & Putting
Skill Level – Beginner to Intermediate

April 14th (Saturday) 1-2PM
Learn to Play Golf – Mixed Gender
Topic:  Learn how to start the game of golf
Skill Level: Fresh Beginner to Beginner

May 1st (Tuesday) 6:00-7:00PM
Ladies Happy Hour Clinic – Ladies Only
Topic: Full Swing
Skill Level: Beginner or Intermediate

June 28th (Thursday) 6:00-7:00PM
Make Divots Over Drinks– Mixed Gender
Topic: Work on your full swing on the Range w/ our PGA Professional
Skill Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced

July 17th – (Tuesday) 6:00-7:00PM
Ladies Happy Hour Clinic – Ladies Only
Topic: Short Game
Skill Level: Beginner or Intermediate
August 25th (Saturday) 1PM – 2PM
Reading the Greens- Mixed Gender
Topic: Join our PGA Professionals to work on your putting and make more putts
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Clinic fees -$20 per person per clinic

Members may bring up to two guests per clinic


On Your Own Skill Improvement

Drill of the Week – Each week starting in May there will be a DRILL posted on our practice facility.  The drill will have goals for each skill level.

Beat 36- This is a drill that will be set up on the course starting in June.  We will place a tee marker at 30 yards on each hole on the front side.  Each time you beat the score of 36 for 9 holes, you may place your name in our Beat 36 jar.  We will increase the distance each week throughout the summer starting at 30yards and increasing 10 yards a week until we get to 150 yards.  At the end of the contest, we will draw the winner for the Beat 36 prize package.